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Handbuilt face from stoneware clay. Stoneware base.

All wired together with baling wire (as used on bales of hay). The wire will rust in a humid environment which will compliment the glaze color.

The wiring is flexible, the face is not going to be perfectly centered or vertical. I wanted it all to look abstractly roughed, or a polished up artifact.

The photos of the back side show a piece of circuit board that I cut off a computer mother board. Suggesting that pre-humans were smarter than evolutionary theory gives them credit for.

I thought about hooking up a motion sensor that would activate led lights when you walk by. But then realized I hadn’t allowed for holes in the eyes for the lights to shine through. Of course, adding lights kind of brings the art into modern times and I really didn’t want that.

13″ tall, 5lbs.

artist: Gordon L. Christensen


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