Simple Thoughts Poetry Ad Copy


Sum of my life, so skinny, could slip between two thoughts sideways and have no memory of it.

Radio Copy

Characters: Friendly neighborhood gangsters

Flunky         “We’ll cover you boss”
Boss           “I’ll go around front and finish off this new illuminated awning from ________
                   These patrons gotta have protection from the elements in this hood”
Flunky         “Hey boss, we’ve been spotted!”
Boss            “I know Flunky, these big bright letters are a dead give away. Folks will be
                    coming from miles around”
SFX             (police siren)
Flunky          “Watch out boss, business is picking up”
Boss             “Get in the car Flunky”

Anncr             ________’s illuminated awnings and customized rollups increase the flow
                      of customers, cut energy costs and advertise 24 hours a day. Protect your
                      image, call ___________ for a cost saving estimate.
                      Boss “Take my advice Flunky, when it comes to staying in business count on
                      an illuminated storefront from ____________. It’ll keep you outta the cooler!”
SFX               (car door slams, car squeals away)

Anncr            When you seek a peace (ocean sound) you dream
                     of your Cool Night Spa, and let the soothing, flowing, clear waters take you
                     there. Cool Night Spas are distributed by _________, the company that
                     can turn your night dreams into a (faint mellow horn of a cruise ship)
                     vacation at home. There’s a (ocean wave fades) Cool Night Spa,
                     for these times, for anytime.


SFX                    Horse on a gallup on dirt, sound fading behind hills and up again on flat
                           Horse slows to a trot
                           Horse pulls up, saddle creaks as rider dismounts, boots hit the ground,
                           spurs jangle
                           Boot steps on wooden porch, door creaks open, foot steps on tile floor
                           Door shuts

Anncr                  Coming home to a Gold Timber Cabin and over 200 years of
                            tradition in American home building means coming home…
SFX                     The horse rider, with a relaxing sigh slumps into plump chair
Anncr                   …to a secure foundation…
SFX                     Boots with spurs drop to floor
Anncr                   …on which to build the future

Teen daughter     Hi Dad, have a good ride? Daaad, can I borrow the keys tonight?

Anncr                   …home sweet home

Teen daughter     I cleaned up my roooom

Anncr                   …a Gold Timber Cabin is worth its weight in the very small amount
                             of gold it takes to own one. So before you saddle up to a big city
                             mortgage, ride on out to the Gold Timber Cabin Company…
SFX                      fire in fireplace, country music in air
Anncr                    …sit a spell, see how they build them, see how you can…

Teen daughter       Thanks Dad, I’ll be home by 10.

Anncr …                 Gold Timber Cabins. Come on home.


Love is Perfection
Perfect Love requires the elimination of the multiverse. The multiverse will eventually collapse into a black hole, or not. But Love is a big stick. All you can do in your life is practice grace over tolerance. Never accept, never tolerate. Instead, have patience. Hope for a Perfect Love to wipe it all out. Peace at last.

Worthy Quotes
…”The further a society drifts from truth the more it will hate those who speak it”. George Orwell.
…”Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil”. Isaiah 5:20
…John Adams said that the US Constitution was designed for a moral and religious people, which we are neither.
…”The average American wouldn’t know truth if it reared up and bit them in the fat stuff. What is truth? Exactly. The whole of human knowledge is a cult. Which end of the screwdriver do I stick in my ear? What’s a screwdriver?”. GLC

The Difference between Liberals and Conservatives
Conservatives see the curve in the road up ahead and they slow down, they roll up the windows and
turn on the flashers, traffic backs up behind them causing impatient drivers to pull out and attempt
to pass them which creates more danger.

Liberals don’t see the curve in the road and drive off the edge dragging hell with them.

Moderates have been there, done that. They trust the signs and maps and from the center lane
take the curves with moderate, responsible care and speed. Liberal leaning moderates a little faster
in the fast lane, conservative leaning moderates a tad slower in the slow lane. When a moderate
conservative needs to get in the left lane for to pass, the liberal lets them in. When a liberal sees
their exit coming up the moderate lets them cut in. At the rest stop they get coffee and walk their dogs.

Your Backup Plan
“One Nation Under God” means: never, ever trust a human.
Humans cannot be objective.
You can’t live in the past present and future all at
the same moment to assess the damage you have
done. Your historians screw it up as badly as theirs.
Nature tells science what to believe.
Wishey Changey Wokey doesn’t dictate to nature.

Humans are the product of the state
sponsored religion of evolution, the
superior weapon. Humans are to nature
like lightning is to a tinder dry forest.
The sum of our lives is murder death kill.

Fortunately evolution has an end date.
Second Law of Thermodynamics, entropy.

In an instant an unlimited number of light years
and dimensions came into existence.
And on the seventh day God rested.

Pierce the veil to the quantum side where
you have no facade, no physical attributes;
just your soul, and you will see the forever the
consequences of your belief system. As close
to you as your breath, here and watching.

There is no empirical
evidence that “it was always there”
just fell out of the nothingness.
This physical world is virtual and has become
disconnected from reality, which is your soul.
Your soul is the real world, the real you.
This disconnect, this behavior modification,
is the corruption of nature.

God is love in that He loves perfection.
God’s love for His perfect plan requires that
human plans be destroyed.
No tolerance, no second chance.

God is not religious, is not that small.
God can’t be reduced to fit into science,
nature, religion or that greasy space
between your ears and inner self.

You can’t go to God. God does not even
know that you exist, would not be tainted
with the knowledge of the human condition;
does not hear your prayers.

And that’s why you should trust Him.
Never, ever trust the god that you
happen to like.

God has to come to you.
Jesus has done that. You may think that
to be impossible, illogical. Exactly.
Now you’re getting it. Now you see
beyond the veil.

Jesus said “I am the Way, the Truth and
the Life. No man comes to the Father
but by me.” John 14:6.

No one can go directly to God. Think
about it. Just can’t be done. You’re stuck
on this side of the veil with your
perception of “reality”, your fake world
of science, politics, religion and beliefs.

When it is time for you to cross the divide
will you meet God? Or end up in that other place
of eternal weeping and gnashing of teeth.

I’m peering down over the edge
of the abyss, filled with looney
liberals and crazy conservatives
flailing around in their own leavings
like it’s carbon neutral brown sugar.
I just want to shovel them all in. But
above the rising smog of their
nonsense I see another people
reaching out, pulling poor and
ignorant souls to safety.

And I realize that I too should
strive to relieve some of the pain in
the world while the sun still shines.

“If we confess our sins…The blood
of Jesus cleanses us…” I John 1:7,9.
“…love one another as I have loved
you…” John 13:34.

And there is your Backup Plan.


Cult of the Pynk Flamyngo
Some buns ago an associate mentioned she was on her way to the garden and nursery store. That her mother had need of a shrub, to be planted in front of her house, placed just so, to hide some unsightly garden hose from the view from the street.

I had no take in the matter personally. But a few days later, in the middle of the nightness, I was awakened by a vision. And in this vision I saw the entire parking lot covered with a flock of Pynk Flamyngos, each Pynk Flamyngo having a short piece of garden hose between its beaknesses.

Immediately, the pynkness of the vision was revealed to me. That wherever in the world is a garden hose there is a Pynk Flamyngo watching over it (although they do tend to chew the poor hose into pieces). And this is when I reached the glorious State of Pynknification.

I now beseech any and all who will observe to experience their own personal Pynknoid Conversion.

So let us pray,
“O Great Pynk Flamyngo,
We acknowledge that we have been hosed.

We now dedicate our lives to the pynknification of all the looney liberals and of all the crazy conservatives all over the world who do not yet confess to thy pynkxistence.

And to the saving of the multiverse climate, that hose without end, unraveling through space at full pynkness speed toward that great pynk hole, never to have pynkxisted anyway.

Proudly we wear our piece of chewed up garden hose around our necks so as to identify with thy Great Pynkness, and so protect ourselves in the nightness from the wanderings of the non-pynknessers.

And to the saving of the multiverse climate, that hose without end, unraveling through space at full pynkness speed toward that great pynk hole, never to have pynkxisted anyway.

Proudly we wear our piece of chewed up garden hose around our necks so as to identify with thy Great Pynkness, and so protect ourselves in the nightness from the wanderings of the non-pynknessers.

In the Name of the Great, Greater and Greatest Pynk Flamyngo Over All,
we pray,

Poetry on the Run

A healthy limit
The edge of options
19 untapped podcasts
Dystopia, history, repeats

Take the first round
The matrix ticks in seconds
The game, 3rd and long
Meet on the new earth

Frequently new
Works, sonnets, quizes
Produce and promote
Be seen as they be

Read and do math
Woke minds, canceled culture
Alas, Great New Deal
Ia a fumbled abortion

Empirical evidence
Preexisting condition
Was Always There
It fell out of nothing

We believe, we believe
Censorship wins
It starts the last war
That entropy moment

A bug is me
A gaggle is we
Worship Great Pynk Flamyngo
But recyle on Wednesdays

For all have sinned
Come short of His glory
There isn’t a penny
For your revelation

Login for fresh stupid
Ever wrong but famous
There’s money in war
Peace can’t be bought

Weep old my prophet
No balm in Gilead
No mask can save
From virus apocalypse

This message came
It’s on its way
Even the righteous
Will melt in fear

Oh, change the channel
We don’t need to hear
We are the new order
So let’s have a beer.

Holy holy holy,
You saw it coming
Did nothing to stop it
Forget what you made us for.

The bridge is open
A dream or just foolish
Heat bubbles my skin
I dangle in the water

A pass to paradise
A narrow path
Overgrown, obscured
All by faith now

Early in the morning
Rules, ways, multiverse
Stuck where you put us
The perfect storm

Nature ain’t the momma
What is truth?
Past, present, future
In the same moment

Human knowledge is a cult
Takes too much faith
You don’t make choices
Back to the slime

Lonely, tired expired
Irrelevant feelings
Run out of the valley
Paint the sky high

Heavenly frontal lobotomy
Fellowship and honor
Now way out now
No need to out now

Joseph had a flock of visions

Nights can get a little strange
Bowing stalks and years of famine
Things are going have to change

Sometimes life can be a burden
You just can’t take it anymore
Stories of the false and famous
All the petty useless lore

Then the donkey started talking
Balaam could only stop and stare
Beat me and you’ll be burning
See the angel standing there

Take a letter to the exiles
Build your homes and plan to stay
Grow gardens and your family
Live in peace and come what may

One more letter to the exiles
The years are for your good
May the evenings be your neighbor
While the days will be your cross

Nicodemus walked in shadows
Until he met the Son of Light
Never trust in all your knowledge
Write a backup plan tonight

The temple veil was torn apart
The mountains you can move
There’s the Bright and Morning Star
Faith and light is what we’ll be

It comes to you, you can’t go there
Not a substance, not a chip
No hyperlinks or code
Just something from nothing

You’re not objective you just have them
You already know what you want to hear
Your shadow’s back, you doubting Thomas
You can’t believe what you are told

You vote for a shepherd
You get what you vote for
Sheep eat what they are fed
Sheep get slaughtered

Trade is free but isn’t fair
Trade is global but is not noble
If you can think it
It’s already old

You’re not an island, not your own
You don’t make choices you only gamble
Wisdom is the past present and future
And all at the same moment

No one survives their own belifs
There is no fail safe
The mercury chokes your ambitions
Shower away your committments

Failure fades like a summer tan
You’ll hold out for next year
Better global swarming
You bug in the dirt

Berries and sugar
The poison goes down
The jewelry is virtual
You’re spinning around

God is not religious, not that small
Not in science, nature, inner self
Does’t hear your prayers
Doesn’t know you exist

Would not be polluted
With the human condition
But do you hear Him?
His Annointed One calls you.

I’m going to write a song
It won’t take long
What style do you like?
It’s already in your mind

This song will not be popular
The rhythms are different
The lyrics are true
But the world is tuneless

Sing a song of joy and love
Failing forward, hope
Forgiveness is yours for asking
That no one should perish.

Why can’t I love?
I don’t possess it
Gloom or joy
Yes, no, not yet

My life so skinny
Slips sideways ‘tween thoughts
With no memory of it
Ambient airs of blue

If anyone wanders
Bring them back
Be on your mission
When night attacks

Boring is good
The streets are safer
Out of the woods
Don’t believe what you read

No calls, no visits
Could be depression
I’m all out of mushrooms
Therein lies the lesson

Warmth and pause
Own and share
Without a cause
Will you be there?

Reload Pharoah’s army

Collect your stories
Download the sun
Manna sticks to your bones

The city pulses
With ache and impulses
All the little pretties
Soon lose their petals

Unscramble the spirits
Mix in the schemes
String the potions together
So science dreams

Star spangled beauty
Floating in fluids
Sacred but faded
As were the Druids

A man’s got to know
His own limitations
Fired six shots or five
No more conversation

From here to the station
A very short walk
But foggy this morning
This has all gone so wrong.

Life is a vapor

Drowning perspective
The elite have a vision
With both eyes closed

You’ll remember the Fall
When man ceased to live
We step on each other
To the end of the hall

Where the door doesn’t open
It is not what we thought
All science is notions
Like pie in the sky

I’m raised to my crown
A logical man
While Babylon falls
Like dust to the ground.

He twisted in air

Then fell to the floor
I wasted a shot
A hole in the chair

Couldn’t prove a thing
Didn’t have the clout
I took some chances
My demise, no doubt

I kind of liked him
All the guts ever made
Trust one condition
Don’t stand in the shade

The Prince of Peace
Who conquered death
The sin swirles the drain
Of all that I’ve missed.

She wasn’t warm and fuzzy
It wasn’t really planned
Crystal was her name
But really it was Trina

Warm and wet and sticky
Tall and thin and dark
Would you like some happy?
She led me to the park

Her mother didn’t know
She danced a lot of tables
A college earned degree
She paid the bills as able

Don’t always get a warning
You smile and hold the door
You wait a moment still
A hint that there is more

It wouldn’t be my day
I blew my horn and more
We stopped and headed back
It’s simple, what’s in store

Samaria is desolate
Fallen by the sword
From shadow I’ll return
To righteous with my Lord.

I’d like to stand at the edge of space
And see the fate of the human race
I see a sign that says “the end”
My mistake, says “enter in”

Cart before the horse as theories go
Before that and that which came before
Perpetual motion, convenient religion
Design a big box, decide what is in it

Smart cell machines can turn on a dime
Don’t need a zillion years to explain time
Be not a man who can stand in place
Don’t have the faith of faithless in space

Store your treasure up on earth
Bag of dirt is all you’re worth
All the athiests rejoice
But all they really have is faith

Product of man made whishy changey
We worship state sponsored evolutionishy
We glory in Survival, we of superior weapon
The sum of our life is murder death kill

Old, boring, ugly, shave your head in protest
Dumbed down loonie lefties and crazy righties
Flailing around in their own tasty leavings
In all this excitement, do you feel lucky?

Hands reaching out in admission of guilt
Pulling poor souls from despair to safety
Strive to relieve some of the pain in the world
Press on with purpose while the sun still shines

Clean between your ears and inner self
There is a fountain filled with blood
And sinners washed beneath that flood
Lose all their guilty stains.

Empty space ports
Uninstalled parts
Fruit with no seeds
Rocks in my shoes

Man on the bubble
Hollow broken hearts
Death is at home
The beekeepers ballad

Stinging and molting
No, I’m not the honey
The nest has been sprayed
Empty words are my sky

Skinny thoughts, fat moments
Shallow hours and deep visions
More troubles than Solomon’s wives
Whiff of fear and loathing

Sideways paradise, abstract art
Policy thin as stale air
Cancel crowd cultural cleansing
Believe as you’re told or starve

Life dies in the garden
The Darwin of fading light
Rude leaves fall on each other
A salad of lost souls and ashes

Let’s talk about pressure
What is in the cookies?
The owls hoot at the rush hour
Of idiots rushing to death

Twitters of famous fools
Gorging chocolate at twilight
Tin stars in the closet
Singing ballads of rust

Taking solace in nature
Hiding death among ferns
We’re way beyond spores now
Drowsiness may occur

Flaming strawberry pudding
Putting Lucifer in orbit
Unidentified noo noo
10,000 volts of jello

Famine in grassy meadows
Precious uselessness
Face your far side
Cat fud on your crackers

The decline of the futons
The peak of the teepee
Three echos from silence
Seek truth from the snails

Empires like grapes
Trampled, bad wine
Sleeping awake
Collection of downs

Suddenly, your 38 caliber moment arrives
Shot in the dark, shot out of hell
Death is not yet at home
Your renewal is confirmed.

So, Halt, change the colors
The symphony rises
Cuts turn to scabs
Decline becomes healing

Refined in glory
Not all upright
But street level steady
Connected, mature

Waves of new words
Stimulate senses
Evil bytes dissolve
Dreams are reloaded

Pacific night is blowing
All debts are cancelled
Nature has buried
The fittest of species

Way beyond falling
Courage stands loudly
Ten shores to go
Don’t crater your faith

The boat is slow but dry
Cast off for the glow
Eternity watches you
Where are your oars?

Blessed are the thirsty
Though dogs bite the walls
Your name has been written
Hear now, your name has been called.

Your dress is so tight and low cut
I can see everything babe
Down to the shades of your spirit

Do you want me to keep looking?
Do you want to share your innermost?
Or does the dress make the lady?

I see all over you my lovely lady,
I see where you want us to go
My love is used up, but I’m interested

A different day now, your smile is full
I notice your eyes now, your hope
I like your new style, you wear it well

No tears, fear or proving
You are totally beautiful
Because you believe that you are.

Went out all in leathers
Helped a lady cross the street
I was looking both ways
but missed it in the heat

They were wanting my hat
Then I lost my head
A kick and a shove
And a broken bed

A man laid down
He was not alone
I’m lame and the flame
Keeps licking my toes

I can’t see the clock
But I know the trail
If I stop I’ll get caught
And a criminal I’m not

I got a witness you know
But you know what they say
They can turn on a dime
And then they’re against you

When I go, I’ll be in leather
I won’t be too kind,
I’m a face but I’m not blind
Coming up behind you.

Have you ever had a bad dream?
Wake up gasping?
All the cares of your world
Like vines creeping up around you

Got me a weed wacker,
Wacking away
I see my neighbors now
New paths we’ll make

Seeds fall on stony ground
Mistakes we’ve made
Dreams require good soil
Wet with rain water from heaven

God supplies all your needs
Including just enough rope
Keep it in your closet
Don’t lock up your hope

You ordered it yesterday
I packed it myself
I’ll hang up the phone now
I’m running for help

Counting the days, the river flows
People succumb
Nations fall
You and me and faith remain.

I’d like a set of cupboards
If you can fit me in
Oh, carpenter, Son of Man

Install them at the palace
The Lord will be calling
Yes, put me on your list

Such fine wood, tight grain
Once a blood stained tree
Oh, don’t pass me by

What were you thinking?
You gave it all up
To be a carpenter, Son of Man?

Building a mansion for poor in spirit
Mending broken pots
For new flowers

There are no locks on the cupboards
Full of light
They just need to be opened

I’d like a set of cupboards
And a clean soul to go
Oh, carpenter man.

Went out to the country
To find a man of God
When I got to the country
They said “well, that’s odd”

I then went to the temple
Lowly, tired and tainted
But in my heart of passion
I still can do a thing right

I feel below my chin
The edge is smart and hot
A little blood appears
It’s running toward my collar

You smile and ask for nothing
We could be starting something
I’m friendly to you now
I’m not your friend no how

Here’s hoping that the answer
Turns all apostate nations
Away from all their anger
They let the captives free

There only is one failsafe
Instead of work and war
The Holy Guarantee
That sets the captive free.

How high the sun
How low the moon

Monday I’m pressed and depressed
Tuesday, thrown out with the rest
Wednesday, I’m down to nagging
Thursday, reduced to begging
Friday, so glad it’s over
Saturday, growing clover

How high the sun
How low the moon.

There’s a little child in asia,

Had his face blown off in war
All he ever knew was Jesus
Will you serve this child in heaven?

Solomon got what he asked for
Wisest man who ever lived
Entertained the rich and famous
Will he serve this child in heaven?

David wrote the finest music
Calmed the troubled, angry soul
Fought and beat the giant
Will he serve this child in heaven?

Are you blessed with home and family?
You’re retired, sitting pretty
Proud of your religion
Will you serve this child in heaven?

Now the light is darkly hidden
Beneath a bushell of agenda
No one really is even listening
Will you serve this child in heaven?

Lift a song with all your might
Of waves and sky and wings aflight

Cold chains lay empty on the chair
The room now still with lifeless air

Sing it loud when no one’s there
Sing it proud so strangers care

Every day slips into night
But shadows will give way to light

Oh tell me know! I’ll heed your choice
Stripped of weight run to your voice

Sing freedom! Sing love and life
Your precious tune, sweet and light

I know your song, I know it’s right
The notes, the beats, the rests repeat

I’ll sing your song with you tonight
We’ll lift our songs with all who might

I sing your Song
To you,
Tonight !

Hail’s a beatin
On the window
I was fumbling
For the key

Lost a moment
To the feeling
Between hope
And apathy

Sensed the season
Was a changing
Father time
Was on the run

For the sinner
Was a fading
With the sun

Grabbed the latch
And found it open
Read the note,
Said it was free

Just believing
Keeps you clinging
To the rocks
Above the sea

Guage the timing
Enter swiftly
Hope to see you
By the by

Can’t decide
Just who to follow?
There’s no fact
You’ll run aground

Brave the stormin’
And the greaving
You can make
The other side

Use the key
That you’ve been leaving
On the window
sill outside

There’s a light through the leaves
Of the trees on the water
A reflection from the moon
Since the sun has left the sea

From a tide pool stirring
Rising from the reeds
Is the Human story
Per the books we’re made to read

Did we come from the swamp,
Did we struggle from the sea?
We see what want to see
We accept what we can see.

If humans were objective
There’d be peace on earth
But humans are not objective
They simply have them

Fish are jumping, water’s boiling
People swimming in debris
Family trees uprooted
By underworld relations

Looking back, the beginning
Is just an old ending
Nothing learned
nothing gained

Did we learn it, is it natural
Will we ever know the actual
There’s no answer from within us
Can decide from what we see

There’s a light through the leaves
Of the trees on the water
A reflection of the record
God has written through His Son

Not an adaptation
From a scene in vogue
But an invitation
And gift of gold

Press a button on the dashboard of multiverse
To see what Lights up
Will save an earth
From the entropy advancing?

We’re not equipped. Humans are outdated.
The whole of human knowledge is a cult.

People unstairs people downstairs
People stare at people midstairs
Census hiring, clarifying
People coming out of nowhere

Working evenings working weekends
Work that weakens you from both ends
Crowded highways always monday
Sliding sideways never forward

Crowded highways busy Mondays
Crowded leaning, sitting, spitting
Never seeing what they’re eating
People coming out of nowhere

Building houses building chaos
Living still in rented shambles
Indications more predictions
Signs of growing contradictions

Leaving cities leaving stations
Leaving family situations
Making life a little faster
Quantity is now the answer

We were told to multipy
When the earth was barely dry
But the sin became our own
And the truth has not been told.

People eating people dealing
People reeling in their feelings
Open spaces changing places
Saving face and filling stations

Filling oceans killing potions
Up to here with stranger notions
Sell the trees and import plastic
Politics is growing drastic

Different tongues that keep insisting
Minds made up and never meeting
New arrivals come and get it
Have no thought for those who made it

New arrivals come and get it
Have no thought for those who made it
People coming out of nowhere

Science spending all the bankroll
Hope for answers from the black hole
People messing with the seasons
Moving faster to disaster

It’s your choice and you decide
If you do or if you die
Spread the news or step aside

People ways are worthless
Need to change your way of thinking
Hope is ever on the rise
Bless this moment.


There’s a theory in the classroom
Meant to keep us satisfied
And the second Law of Entropy
Ignored and set aside

Evolution is progression
Per a pinhole view of life
Continue speaking riddles
‘Cause the truth is hard to sell

If the loving and the striving
For the innocence has died
Try the theory in the classroom
Meant to keep you dumbified.


Used to talk to you a lot on the radio
Yes, I said a lot of things on the radio
Was a one way conversation but you said that it was fine
Used to talk to you a lot on the radio

Played a melody or two on the radio
Listen for your favorite song on the radio
Just an interruption now, but we’ll be right back
And play a melody or two on the radio

It’s the latest off the wire on the radio
Add an editorial from the radio
Sports was coming to you too but we’re running out of time
Check the weather when leave the radio

Saw you looking through the glass at the radio
I was trying to be cool on the radio
Yes, my shoes are still untied and I’ll talk about that too
When you’re looking through the glass at the radio

Sometimes between songs you would call me up
Talk for hours on the phone and not miss a break
Send me cookies if you want
Used to hear from you a lot on the radio

Could we talk a little more off the radio
Did I mention I was leaving and the music’s going to stop
Did I kind of lose the feeling, are my cues a little off
Used to talk to you a lot on the radio

Sunday leads to Monday ’round the world
Roses win the hearts of young and old
Certain things you count on every season
Like the love that keeps us warm when it is cold

Speaking of the rationale
Talking ’bout the logical
Get a little bit emotional
‘Bout me and you

Summer leads to dusk and fading blooms
Harvesting the fruit of well laid plans
Fighting off the challenge to convictions
Like the one that keeps us “me and you”

Speaking of the rationale
Talking ’bout the logical
Get a little bit emotional
‘Bout me and you

Huddle up, get closer to the fire
Keep it hot and brightest in the night
Years go by, we might find it easier
But nothing stops our victory parade

Speaking of the rationale
Talking ’bout the logical
Get a little bit emotional
‘Bout me and you

One day in June by the summer wind
Sailed a painted ship from the city din

Full of life’s provisions should it take that long
To return with tales and a sailer’s song

It was life that simmered ‘neath the swelterin sun
Blame the land and neighbors for the course he’d run

And it wasn’t sense to give up one day
For the spinning wheel and the beggar’s pay

The wind blew fair and the will was strong
Toward the edge of night on a course for one

Misting up his eyes, leaving friends behind
And the things they’d shared crossed upon his mind

It was not enough, didn’t compensate
For the folks that hurt and the kind that hate

He was heading west and with all avail
Had the rudder tied and a broad full sail

For no change of heart could abort his plan
He would beach his craft on the island sand

Helpless don’t we feel, till the wind blows “dare”
And we step aboard, leave the ashore the care

That has strapped us down to a life that stops
When the timer rings or the shift clock starts

Hope blows on the wind and invites us sail
With the knowledge gained from the times we’ve failed

Haul the chain on board, set the mast, ship the oars
Claimed by yonder shores, another soul is yours.

Tennessee, it’s the season out in Tennessee
It’s the country that you want to see
Please take me to Tennessee

Heralding news of Christmas out in Tennessee
Can you hear the angels sing with me
Around the tree in Tennessee

There’s no sermon, just us serving
Memories of three wise men searching
for the reason people still believe

Christmans, more than just in Tennessee
It’s world over and you’ll want to see
Please take me and Tennessee

Manger scenes, all the hay from Galilee
Cattle bray with sheep in harmony
Sleep in peace this Christmas eve

Cards and presents, talk that’s pleasant
Bound aroung the Christmas tree
Every season thought and reason
Should be all like this

Tennessee, take it with you, some of Tennessee
Everyday, I know it’s up to me
To all with love, from Tennessee

Riding high in the shadow I see the sky move
On a gallop across the wet sand
From lobby to seashore I am making my move
Leave the 21st century behind

Changing mind and changed habits drip sweat from my brow
Pulling nets up the river by dawn
Take a seat in the saddle and beat up that time
Loose the reins on those dreams one more time

Got a city man’s timing
A country boy’s heart
The mind just to laugh it all by
Got a woman who loves me
The kind you can’t buy
Can’t believe that I’m riding this high

Hear my grandpa tell stories of life we can’t know
And a grandma who carried her side
On the porch ’till the crickets strike up their tune
“Neath a big golden magical moon

If the memory was stronger of life on the bay
Would I pass it along to my own
Wish the weekend was longer and time didn’t fly
Just a little bit moist in my eye

Got a city man’s timing
A country boy’s heart
The mind just to laugh it all by
Got a woman who loves me
The kind you can’t buy
Can’t believe that I’m riding this high

Got a city man’s timing
A country boy’s heart
Riding double, head out for blue sky

Sail me to the shores of heaven
Make me light as air
Help me if I start to stutter
Stop me if I stare

I mean to say
Walk my way
I want to say
How I care

Light my star with every season
Golden as your hair
I could never count the reasons
Why you send me there

I’ll try to ask
Please be mine
I’ll love your
For all time

Show me all the seven wonders
Trust me if you dare
I will make your world a wonder
Nothing could compare

If I could ask
Be my friend
And you’d reply
Let’s begin

Hail’s a beatin’ On the window
I was fumbling for the key
Lost a moment to the feeling
Between hope and apathy

Sensed the season was a changin’
Father time was on the run
Intercession for the sinner
Was a fading with the sun

Grabbed the latch and found it open
Read the note, said it was free
Just believing keeps you clinging
To the rocks above the sea

Gauge the timing, enter swiftly
Hope to see you by the round
Just decide you need to follow
Chance delay you run aground

Brave the storming and the greaving
You can make the other side
Use the key that you’ve been leaving
On the window sill outside

You get so all excited and you haven’t stop to think if it’s for real
You’re losing all your senses and your mind is spinning like a wheel
Stop and read the writing on the wall

The world just ain’t a ‘turning and the clock she isn’t ticking just for you
The bells they aren’t a ringing and the weather isn’t holding off for you
Stop and read the writing on the wall

The choir sings the pages, the preacher cites his sermon
The sky is getting dimmer, the candle’s burning shorter
Stop and read the writing on the wall

Maybe in the forest you can find your family tree
Try to think about it different, the gift of life is free
Stop and read the writing on the wall

See you at the truck stop, maybe on a ship at sea
A predetermined course that somehow, you can’t see
Stop and read the writing on the wall

Stop and read the writing on the wall

No, I can’t see far but I see quite well
And I know this world ain’t escaping its hell
People aren’t living natural and they’re bound to pay
For the rights they’re wanting in a different way

If you don’t know the truth then you can’t see the lies
Got to live your life the way an arrow flies
Say you got it right when you have no rule
Living by your wits as an average fool

No, it don’t sound sweet, who’s accusing who
Hoping ain’t enough to stop the things we do
If you don’t accept the truth then you’ll die by lies
Got to live your life the way an arrow flies

Moses wasn’t long on the mountain top
When the people strayed and caused the love to stop
Justice isn’t simple and it don’t sit good
When you pay the price that a sinner should

If you can’t see the truth then you can’t stop the lies
Just commit to living like the arrow flies
Got to life your life
The way an arrow flies